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Kara Hui reveals ending for No Regrets

| Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | |
Kara Hui attended a horse-racing event. She stressed that she doesn't like to bet on horses, but she has a lucky streak as she can win over $10K and can prizes during lucky draws. Also, she has revealed that in the upcoming scenes for No Regrets, she, as well as Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang will have to put on "old" make-up. Kara mentioned that she has to curl up her back in oder to make her feel old.

Because of the requirement of the script, everybody in No Regrets has to act as old people who are 80 over years of age. To her, it's a new challenge. "I have not put on "old" make-up before, so I will curl up my back. It should be quite fun. After wrapping up the filming for this drama, I wish to take a few months' break. I intend to go to either Thailand or Kuala Lumpur to play, hence I have rejected another drama."

- Credits to Sing Dao

Comments: Wow! Everybody will age?!?! I think I will laugh if I see an old Wayne or old Sheren. xDDD



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