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Sudden Weekly #772

| Thursday, June 3, 2010 | |
In the entertainment world, the way you line up is very important. One big group photo will determine your position. To ask for a prominant spot is a big headache for photographers.

Take, for example, Fala Chen. Last Saturday, on the 8th May 2010, she attended No Regrets' blessing ceremony. She arrived late, and everybody was already getting ready to shoot a photo. Fala then decided to stay by the side. With the help of the back-stage crew, Fala managed to stand near Sheren Tang.

Although what Fala did was not proper, but she was not black-listed by the rest of the cast. Why? Because she knows how to adapt quickly. When she was cutting the roasted pig, Fala was really serious about it. Kara then fed her a piece of pork. After that, Fala went to find Susan to pose photos with, acting as if they were really very good friends.

Fala is also very meticulous. During the event, Susan's belt suddenly came loose. At that time, Susan was holding a piece of pork, and could not have tighten her belt up herself. At this time, Fala took the intiative to put down the fruit she was holding and helped Susan with her belt. It's no wonder that Fala managed to get off scot-free!

Fala Chen arrived late, and was embarrassed to take a group photo.

With the help of the back-stage crew, she managed to sneak in.

After posing for a few photos, she went behind Kara.

She finally managed to get close to Sheren, but was blocked by Nancy.

Kara feeds a piece of duck meat to Fala. Both of them are always playfully posing for each other. They do resemble mother and daughter!

Susan's leather belt has came off. Fala helps her with it. She is so caring and yet knowledgeable!

- Credits to Sally

Comments: Haha, I know that although this is a gossip magazine, the way they wrote it was extremely funny! xDDD



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