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No Regrets will become my representative work!

| Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | |
Wayne Lai has filmed many drama series, but he says that No Regrets is the drama that makes him feels attachment for. Since he mentioned that it will become his representative work, I believe that his chances of becoming TV King again is great! By Yu Ren Juan

Earlier on, Wayne Lai, Elliot Ngok and Pierre Ngo were at a lychee garden filming a blast scene in No Regrets. The drama is set during the turbulent times in China, where Wayne and Sheren have split up in a bid to escape. Sheren has been arranged to go to USA while Wayne, Pierre and Elliot have chosen to wait till the war is over being joining her in USA. Tragically, they were involved in the bomb blast and Elliot didn't live.

Producer has a lot of experience
Although it kept raining during the filming, but since everything was already arranged, the outdoor filming team have to brave the rain to work. A small rabbit from the forest suddenly came on screen. The rabbit was really cute, and Wayne decided to take a photo with it.

This time round, Wayne's role will be very heavy. He was very worried about how he should go about acting his character, but now that the drama has nearly ended its filming, he can finally rest. "This drama is really intense. Besides have more scenes with Sheren, the storyline is also more developed. This is the drama that has made me feel so attached to it. It can be said that it will be my representative work."

Wayne praised Producer Lee Tim Shing and Script-writer Cheung Wah Biu for their experience as they are very clear on what the audience want to see. He revealed that this drama is set in the 1930s, and it portrays the toughest times that China has undergone. He believes that this will appeal to the older generations. During the filming, he has also realised that Producer Lee and Script-writer Cheung have high hopes for this drama, and as an artiste, he is looking forward to watching it.

- Credits to 夶棠 of 义海豪情吧



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