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Trailer 1

| Thursday, September 30, 2010 | |

Trailer 1 for No Regrets!

- Video downloaded from
- You are welcomed to request for the trailer. Just leave down your particulars here or in the tag-board. =)

Comments: OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! This trailer is really, very good! It makes me feel like watching it even more. I totally agree with some people, saying that it was really like a movie trailer. If you guys have watched the Harry Potter movies, the scene whereby the Cheng family raised their glasses and guns totally looked like the Death Eaters raising their wands to acknowledge Voldemort. And yes, the smoke that formed Sheren Tang's name totally looked like Voldemort's Death Mark in Harry Potter! Coolness to the max! I am totally loving Gau Mui's arrogance in this trailer! Sheren really, has a very imposing presence! =D I think I will love her character to bits even though she's supposed to be a villain. <3 What do you guys think? Feel free to comment on this post or leave a message in the tag-board! ^^


  1. Wow!! Sheren's name came out first. I really enjoy reading your blog eps your comment on Sheren. I think I will love Gau Mui more than Sei Nai Nai as I always prefer her playing a villain rather than a goody role :)

  2. Yup, I think Sheren's name should have come out first anyway, since this drama was specially written for her! ^^ I think Rosy Business's emphasis was on Chai Gau while No Regrets will focus more on Sheren. =) And yes, I think I will love Gau Mui more than Sei Nai Nai as well! =D

    Have you watched War and Beauty? I totally loved Yu Fei in there. I think Gau Mui's character will be somewhat like Yu Fei's. =) And of course, you can always count on Sheren to deliver a sterling performance! *^^* I really hope that she gets her second Best Actress award for this drama! ^^

    I'm glad you love this blog! Do come back more often for more updates! =D

  3. Of course, I have watched War and Beauty many times and loved cruel Yu Fei in there. I also have the same feeling that Sheren will win Best Actress again this year for Gau Mui which is much more outstanding and outshining :)

    Will definitely check back your blog very often!
    Sheren has been my most fav. actress for more than 24 years...Glad to know you :)

  4. Wow! Haha, Sheren does really have very loyal fans! =D 24 years is definitely not short! In fact, I'm not even 20 yet! D= Haha, have you seen Sheren in real life? I really wish to meet her, which is why I'm intending to do some star-stalking when I'm in Hong Kong. =P

    I have seen her in earlier dramas, but since I was still young, I did not really have an impression of her. After that, when I watched War and Beauty when I was 12, I still remembered how great the drama was and how I loved Yu Fei and On Sin (Maggie Cheung). That was when I started becoming Sheren's fan. Watching La Femme Desperado and Rosy Business made me love her to bits! I really love the way she is able to bring her characters to life. It's done in a very natural and yet outstanding way, which is probably why she has so many "Best Drama"s. Sheren makes them possible. =)

    I really hope that Sheren wins Best Actress again! She has been soooo robbed of it so many times. *thinks back to War and Beauty* >.< But if Sheren is to win Best Actress again, Gau Mui must be really very impactful (so much so that it generates much discussion across Hong Kong at least) and No Regrets must have excellent ratings. Up till now, I do not see a worthy contender for Best Actress, so I hope Sheren grabs this chance! =)

    After No Regrets ends, I think I will set up a Sheren's fan site, specially for non-Chinese fans, since most of her fans and news are in Chinese. =D I want more people to know Sheren! ^^

    And it's really nice to know you as well! Where are you from? It's all right if you don't want to say, but I'm from Singapore. =)

  5. Hi Dreammaker, I'm from Thailand. Have you been here before? I have met Sheren in real life many times but it was just a very short moment everytime I met her..sigh! Hope I can talk to her longer next time.

    Well, my first impresion on Sheren was like she looked so sweet when she acted in her first series. Since then I have become her loyal fan for more than 24 years!

    Are you going to watch 'No Regrets' online?

  6. Haha, I'm dreamlucky, not Dreammaker! xD And nope, I have not been to Thailand before even though I heard that it's a very beautiful place! ^^ And that's really great! You've seen Sheren so many times! I haven't even seen her once. >.< Hopefully I'll have lots of luck when I go to Hong Kong at the end of the year.

    When and where did you see her? Did she come to Thailand before? I don't think she has come to Singapore before though...

    I have not watched her older series. The oldest series that I have watched with her inside should be "Country Spirit"... The one about some wine business.

    Hmm, I will watch No Regrets online, but only after 2nd December, because I'll be sitting for my A-Levels (which determines whether I get to go university or not).

    Have you seen the latest trailers? The main focus is all on Sheren! She is totally the main main lead in this drama, and I'm loving it! =)

    By the way, do you watch TVB dramas often? =D

  7. i saw a origional trailer and it wasn't like that it showed kau mui killing the people that did not want to cooperate with her in the end killing lai wah

  8. @Anonymous That was the sales presentation. It is only served as a video to ATTRACT SPONSORS for that drama. They have not come up with the script at that time yet, though they roughly had the outline...

    here the link to watch online ^^


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