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Tommy Leung battles Catherine Tsang!

| Saturday, September 18, 2010 | |
Mingpao Weekly #2184 TVB Anniversary series draw swords - Tommy Leung battles Catherine Tsang

Every year, TVB's anniversary series will become the battle between the 2 biggest heads, Catherine Tsang and Tommy Leung. They battle ratings as well as performances. However, last year, Born Rich, which was under Tommy, was defeated by Catherine's Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Moreover, Catherine's series have been doing very well in ratings in recent years, so Tommy had to choice but to lose. For this year, Tommy had wanted to push Relic of an Emmisary to turn tables against Catherine, but now is intending to use Gun Metal Grey, which stars Felix Wong and Michael Miu to fend off a strong competitor from Catherine's side, No Regrets.

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Comments: Wow! I'm really looking forward to both No Regrets and Gun Metal Grey, since both their storylines are really very attractive! Of course, I'm hoping for No Regrets to succeed even more! ^^ Hopefully they'll break the ratings record, since the last episode will be aired on a Sunday (28/11/2010), which will surely attract more people to watch. Go go go, No Regrets! Please really make this No Regrets! =D



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