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Moses Chan thinks that Wayne Lai will become TV King

| Monday, September 27, 2010 | |

Although Moses Chan has said that he doesn't mind not getting the prize, both his fists were clenched, implying that he must give the prize this time round.

Based on his role as the 3rd Princess’ husband in Can’t Buy My Love, Moses Chan is being seen as a hot favourite for this year’s TV King. Together with Michelle Yim, Michael Miu etc., he attended Next Magazine’s “Healthy Lifestyle Award” event. He also met Wayne Lai, whose drama No Regrets will be aired next month. The 2 hot favourites for TV King were in a battle of popularity yesterday. Moses thinks that Wayne will be able to win the TV King again.

No strong feelings towards the prize
No wonder Moses Chan was on all smiles yesterday, as he has the chance to become TV King again. However, when asked whether he has the confidence, he replied, “So long as the drama makes the audience happy, it’s enough for me. I won’t eye the award as there are still dramas that have not been broadcasted, such as No Regrets."

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Comments: Haha, it's still too early to say who will get which award, but yes, I do hope that the most deserving ones will get their due. Moses also mentioned that he is looking forward to Sheren's performance. Of course, if Wayne and Sheren manages to shine in No Regrets, then why not award them the Best Actor and Best Actress again, if they truly deserve it? =)



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