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Mingpao Weekly #2185 - Last review

| Monday, September 27, 2010 | |
Below is an excerpt from 朱乐言, who is writing his/her last piece for Mingpao Weekly, I suppose. =/







...There's still TVB, who is the dominant company of the media. However, the dominant company must also learn to adapt. These few days, this dominant firm has also lost its way.

Stephan Chan. Accusations of copying. Monopoly. The scandal about the 4 main singing companies. Raymond Lam's declining popularity. Miss Hong Kong being too fat...

If I go on, I'll never finish my last review.

Before bidding farewell, I should offer the TV audience some hope. There is still hope for Hong Kong television, because there are still TVB dramas.

Really? Are you sure that Can’t Buy Me Love really represents all that is good about TVB? From the beginning of the year till now, Can’t Buy Me Love is considered a rather good production, but if I were to choose the best out of the best, it will have to be No Regrets, which will be broadcasted on 18th October 2010. I guarantee, once this drama is broadcasted, it will ignite lively discussions throughout the whole of Hong Kong. Besides seeing whether Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang will be able to win their Best Actor and Best Actress awards again, there are also the main villains in the drama – the Japanese soldiers, who will be stamping on the pride of Chinese people. Who wouldn’t want to beat the Japanese soldiers?

I predict that No Regrets will be a success. If my hands are feeling itchy, may I have the honour to write the review for this drama?

Comments: I heard that he or she is a very prolific writer in Mingpao. If No Regrets really turns out to be a success, I would love to read his/her review on it as well! ^^



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