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Lyrics for 義海豪情!

| Thursday, September 9, 2010 | |
Below are some of the lyrics for No Regret's theme song, which is titled after it's Chinese title, 義海豪情 (literally Righteous Sea of Heroic Love)!



轉kelvindad陳浩源微博既 - 部份義海歌詞
未懼身上被子彈留痕 維護妳我卻甘於捨身
站在風浪下對抗黑暗 而為妳 是毫無疑問

From Tang Chi Wai (composer)'s Weibo: Enjoying the fruits of our labour in the recording studio, while reflecting on the lyrics "Love never dies, even when the earth sinks..."

From Leo Ku (singer of 義海豪情)'s Weibo: "Let heaven witness, who, for the sake of love, lived without regrets" Chi Wai, great lyrics! Keke, we seemed to be fuelling their appetite!

From kelvindad (Chan Ho Yuen)'s Weibo - Part of lyrics: "My body has no bullet scars, yet for you, I'm willing to risk that. Standing beneath the waves and battling the darkness, but for you, there's no question"

- Credits to Tang Chi Wai's, Leo Ku's and kelvindad's Weibos!

Comments: Indeed, they are really touching lyrics! I think so far, these lyrics seem to be talking about Wayne Lai's character, Lau Sing. Aww... I can really tell that he's prepared to sacrifice many things for Gau Gu Leong (Sheren Tang). I think my tear ducts will be activated when I hear the song! ^^



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