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Susan Tse shares some interesting stories

| Thursday, August 26, 2010 | |
Susan Tse was on some programme (兄弟帮BBC) she was sharing her interesting experience with the No Regrets team.

I was filming the sequel of Rosy Business, No Regrets,

They were trying to measure my pulse, and said that I have the "Xi" pulse (the pulse that pregnant women have)!

I asked them why.

Of course Sister Hei (Xi in Cantonese) will have the Xi pulse, silly!

I never knew that Sister Sum (Susan Tse's nickname) will joke about. You're really amazing!

- Credits to 傾心醉雪 of 义海豪情吧

Comments: I really think the No Regrets crew can really get along with each other very well. This is what team spirit is all about yo! ^^



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