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No Regrets: Time for Sheren Tang to shine

| Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | |
No Regrets is in the midst of filming. Lee Tim Shing jokingly mentioned that they did not mean to have any golden phrases in Rosy Business, and there won't be any this time round. It's now all up to Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai to use their emotions to move the audiences. He mentioned that this time round, their feelings towards each other will be stronger. "These 2 characters are worlds apart -- Sheren is an opportunist who has a good and bad side to her, and the audience may not really understand her thoroughly and what is on her mind. Wayne is just a normal person who is married and has a sick sister. He is also very serious about his work. So long as he catches criminal and maintains public safety, he could have led a normal life. However, he had to meet Sheren. Because of their different backgrounds, their fates became intertwined. Through this process, the audience can really feel their emotions and feelings towards each other, not like how young people nowadays break up after only a few days."

"It can be said that Sheren has a more prominent role and will stand out due to her character. However, Wayne will stay by her side no matter what happens, so I believe that the audience will definitely feel the emotions from them. People now may not experience this kind of feeling, but because this is a pre-modern drama, we dared to write such things -- A man will always be by your side, no matter what you have done. We hope that it won't be like the "boyfriend-girlfriend game" now that young people are engaging in, which is totally devoid of feelings, unlike in the past. I do not mind if people accuse me of being old-fashioned though."

- Credits to 义海范八婆 of 义海豪情吧

Comments: Great! Actually from the start, I already knew that Sheren's character will stand out because of her occupation (she's a drug dealer) and the air of aloofness she carries herself in. It will be good to see how Wayne will fall for her though. It's totally 阴差阳错 (hope I used it correctly) in this sense. xD



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