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No Regrets - An era of strifes and confusion

| Monday, April 19, 2010 | |
No Regrets - An era of strifes and confusion

Broadcast: October 2010
Producer: Lee Tim Shing
Cast: Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Pierre Ngo, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen

Storyline: In the 1930s in Guangzhou, behind the prosperous scene lies darkness. Sheren Tang will be a gangster's daughter who sells opium secretly while Wayne Lai will be a lowly policeman. When both of them meet, it will be a battle of wits as they strive to reap benefits from each other. When war approaches, both of them will help each other to tide over the crisis. When peace finally dawns on the country, it will be the time when confusion reigns. Sheren reveals her true nature and cruelly gets rid of all who stands in her way. The golden ring drops from Wayne's hand, cooling his once-passionate heart...

Perspective: No Regrets has followed Rosy Business's format: In a big household, everybody strives to reap benefits from each other. In times of confusion, through the course of helping each other, both the female and male leads have developed feelings for each other. However, in this drama, their confrontation scenes will be more powerful. At first, Wayne and Sheren pretends to work with each other for their own mutual benefits, but sincerely helps each other tide through each and every crisis after that. However, the audience will realise that all these are just a farce and they reveal their true nature. Sheren, as well and Kara Hui and Nancy Wu, will have epic confrontation scenes while Fala sacrifices herself to protect her family. Pierre, Nancy and Sheren will make use of this period of confusion to do bad things and achieve their aims. With a golden team leading the cast and back-stage and excellent dialogues, No Regrets will definitely ride on Rosy Business's success and succeed!

Who to look out for: Sheren Tang acting as a villain. She will be a very cruel and manipulative person here. This is really worth watching out for.

Sheren's scenes with Wayne will be one to look out for; Fala sells herself to the Japanese so as to save her family; Nancy's role is very challenging as nobody knows what is on her mind; "1st Wife" Susan Tse has taken on a seemingly more gentle role, but who knows what is going through her mind?

- Credits to 红魔鬼射雕雯女 of 义海豪情吧

Comments: Indeed, I'm really looking forward to No Regrets! =D



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