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Kara Hui denies wanting to be TV Queen

| Thursday, April 22, 2010 | |

According to the Hong Kong media, newly-crowned Hong Kong Film Best Actress winner Kara Hui was having dinner with her good friends, Lam Kin Ming and Chung Wai Bing etc. at Wan Chai to celebrate her win. She denies wanting to be TVB's Best Actress.

When asked about Producer Lee Tim Shing adding more scenes for her in No Regrets so that she could become TV Queen, Kara mentioned that she heard no news about it. "Sheren Tang is the female lead. I am very good friends with her. This drama is written specially for her." Are there more work now? "Definitely. The most surprising thing is that people have asked me to act in a musical, though I wish to give it a try." You lack a male companion? "I won't force it." She is now on the way to Guangzhou to attend another prize ceremony, for which she hopes to win another prize based on her role in At the End of Daybreak.

Also, Kevin Cheng's and her drama, A Fistful of Stances has done well in ratings. Reports pointed out that Cheng requested Producer Lee to shoot a sequel, but Kevin Cheng flatly denied it. "Many people want to film a sequel, because we are already veyr close to each other."

- Credits to Sina



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