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No Regrets faces setbacks - Female lead raises salary; Writer leaves

| Monday, April 12, 2010 | |

No Regrets cast

TVB's grand production, No Regrets, started filming the day before. However, it faced many setbacks. First, script-writer Cheung Wah Biu has decided to leave TVB for a new TV station in Taiwan. Next, Sheren Tang has suddenly decided to raise her salary, greatly exceeding the drama's initial budget. To cut down on budget, there is a need to cut down on her scenes, but the script has already been completed, leaving the production crew in a fluster!

Last year, Rosy Business was very well-received and won many awards. Besides Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang being among the hottest leads now with higher salaries, golden script-writer Cheung Wah Biu apparently left TVB after being offered a higher salary and position by the new TV station in Taiwan. Cheung Wah Biu has been with TVB for 30 years. Besides having amassed a great deal of experience, he has also nurtured many script-writers and script editors. When he leaved TVB for Taiwan, he will bring along many experienced writers and production crew.

Many backstage crew and production crew members are intending to leave TVB. TVB is trying to lessen its loss by persuading people to stay on so that there won't be a vacuum.   
No Regret's script has not been completed and Cheung Wah Biu is leaving. Now, Sheren Tang is even rumoured to have asked for a pay raise, but it has been confirmed that there is just some nonsensical nonsense cooked up by a random reporter. However, with the script-writer leaving, it is now hard to guarantee the success of the drama.

- Credits to 金羊网-新快报

Comments: Yes, it is confirmed that Cheung Wah Biu is leaving, but please do not believe everything you have heard from the gossip news. Sheren Tang did not ever ask for a pay raise at all! She was quite angry and hurt when she heard about the news, and this is perfectly understandable, since the news have effectively slandered her. While Cheung Wah Biu has already left, he has completed the script already, so I still have faith in No Regrets! I'm really anticipating it! ^^



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