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| Saturday, July 3, 2010 | |

I like this very much!!!! Haha, it's pretty boring to always act as a "normal" girl. This new role enables me to better understand my character. The make-up is much simpler as I used the men's foundation (to make myself look darker). It's that simple. After that, I just have to make myself look dirtier. There's no need to draw dark eye-circles and all because in this drama, my role is to move dead bodies and run away. It's tiring and tough. Moreover, I am very poor and don't have food to eat, hence I won't be so energetic. As for my hair, there's also no need to comb it. However, before I knock off, I must put on my make-up and tidy up myself, if not I'll be mistaken for a loony. Haha!

I think I look like a beggar here. What do you people think? If I dress like this and eat, I'll really be one!! ^^

- Credits to Angel Chiang's TVB blog



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