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| Saturday, July 10, 2010 | |
巾幗2的拍攝工作已進入倒數階段,酷熱天氣的影響已經不算太大,感激各位祥友在此留言問候關心,雖然之前的外景拍攝確實難捱,過程亦真的不足為外人道,捱過之後,但覺如釋重負,亦覺得確是經歷了一段畢生難忘的感受,這一切一切都是值得的. 近日有報紙報導我在外景拍攝時NG..等等,在此希望澄清一下,免得大家擔心. 當晚在中環拍攝時,有位報紙的攝影師朋友經過,逗留了一會,拍了些照片然後就離開,估不到出來的報導是我們頻頻NG.而報紙中那張在笑的照片,其實是劇情中劉醒和九姑娘在說笑,但卻被說成是因NG而發笑,所以,希望各位祥友及觀眾看到報紙和雜誌的報導時,真的要細心經過思考才考慮相信與否.希望大家有個開心快樂的夏天!

Filming for No Regrets is coming to an end now. The hot weather did not hinder the filming process, and I hereby sincerely thank everybody for their support. Although outdoor filming was tough, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. I felt as if I have experienced a lot from this drama, and this suffering is worth it. Recently, news reports have mentioned that I kept NG-ing during the outdoor filming. I have a clarification to make, so as not to let everybody worry about me. That night, a newspaper photographer happened to stay and watch us film our drama. He took some photos of us and then left. However, it did not occur to me that he would write such things! The photos published in the newspapers are in fact, "real" in the drama. Lau Sing and Miss Nine were really laughing at each other, and not because we were NG-ing. So, I hope that people will think twice before believing all these rumours! Have a happy summer!

- Credits to Wayne Lai's TVB blog

Comments: Haha! I'm glad that this is really part of the storyline! I really want to see how the relationship between Miss Nine and Lau Sing turn out to be! =D And I know that both Wayne and Sheren are professional enough not to keep making mistakes during filming! ^^



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