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Sales Presentation 2010

| Tuesday, January 12, 2010 | |
The Sales Presentation is finally out! ^^

2010 Sales Presentation information about Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love.

Narrator: Behind the prosperous backdrop during the 1930s in Guangzhou lies darkness. Everybody is trying to find a chance to survive.

Bank officer: There is nothing more to say! We do legal business and will definitely not entertain drug dealers!

[scene changes]
Wayne Lai: Hand over all your opium now!
Sheren Tang: There are 300 over brothels in Guangzhou. On what grounds do you come here?
Wayne Lai: Based on this.

[scene changes]
Raymond Wong: I want this city to be free of opium!

[scene changes]
Sheren Tang: You give me some leeway, and all these money are yours.
Wayne Lai: I want half of the money, and half of your businesses. I want to stand out!

[scene changes]
Random person: Don't move!
Raymond Wong: From then on, we are not brothers!
Pierre Ngo: Thank you Big Sister!

[scene changes]
Kara Hui: You've snatched away businesses that Master owned. Now you are going to take away his life as well!
Susan Tse: Did you do it?
Sheren Tang: I will own up if I really did it.
Nancy Wu: If I dared to do it, I won't even care about taking your life!
People in the house: Master!!

[scene changes]
Sheren Tang: Why are you helping me?
Wayne Lai: It's war. There's no distinction between you and I.

[scene changes]
Fala Chen: Spare my family!
Ben Wong to Wayne Lai: I want you to kill her.
Wayne Lai: After the war ends, let's leave Guangzhou.

[scene changes]
Sheren Tang: When our country is victorious, it is also our victory. It's now time for us to settle some business matters.
-Pierre Ngo holds guns and has shot dead 2 people, preparing to shoot Nancy Wu-
Sheren Tang: So how step-mother? Are you going to work with me?
-gun shot rings out-

[scene changes]
Sheren Tang: No one can ever stop me, not even you!

[scene changes]
Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love, coming soon your way!

Comments: This trailer spells E-P-I-C!!! The trailer itself looked like a movie trailer as it was so intense. If there is any show that I look forward to this year, it'll have to be Righteous Sea of Heroic Love. Sheren looks very evil here as she is playing the role of an opium drug dealer. Her character is really so different from Hong Po-kei. o.O''' But haha, I think we'll see more of Sheren and Wayne! Yay! I see their chemistry in this trailer already, so I think their chemistry will even be better in the drama itself! =D They finally hugged! ^^ But I don't think the ending will be a happy one for them though... Wayne wanted to propose to Sheren but he saw her killing people right in the middle of a business meeting. He was very shocked that Sheren actually instigated Pierre to kill those who opposed her. After that, Sheren turned the gun on him and BOOMZ. T_T


  1. i have a question...what happened to THIS series? it seems completely different from NO REGRETS.
    can you please tell me?

  2. @Lamch0ps This version was just used as a way to attract companies to sponsor the actual drama. Sales presentations are often very different from the actual drama itself unless the series has already finished filming before the sales presentation was shot.

  3. thanks for the English translations! it's a very epic sales presentation :)


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