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58% look forward to No Regrets

| Friday, January 15, 2010 | |
In a new year, all TVB dramas start on a clean slate. Dramas showing now, including A Watchdog's Tale and Five Flavours of Life, have not garnered any attention yet. However, it is the 3 dramas that was announced by TVB last year that more people are looking forward to. One such drama that is highly anticipated is led by the original cast of Rosy Business. This proves that Chai Gau and 4th Wife are still very popular.

Which drama are you looking forward to? We did a survey on 50 people and asked them to name the dramas that they are highly anticipating. The result is, 58% of the interviewees have chosen No Regrets. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang have won many awards based on Rosy Business last year. Rosy Business was no doubt the most successful drama in 2009. Chai Gau and 4th Wife have become household names and are leading the original cast to film the sequel, No Regrets.

It is said that No Regrets will begin filming in March and will probably be aired during the anniversary. During the 2010 Sales Presentation, the 3-minute trailer was aired and received the praises of netizens for its gripping storyline. Fala Chen, who is a new addition to the cast, will sell herself to the Japanese in order to save her family.

No Regrets
Supporters: 58% (1st place)
Cast: Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang
Anticipation: ★★★★★

Interviews from people surveyed:
Mr Lee: If When Heaven Burns is still acted by Nick Cheung, I would have thought that it would be a great drama. Now, it seems that No Regrets is the best drama out there for me.
Miss Leung: I love Wayne and Sheren, so I'm anticipating No Regrets. I hope it can be aired this year.

- Credits to Singpao

Comments: Like many others, I'm also anticipating No Regrets! ^^ Go Sherayne! =D



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