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Wayne Lai to sing with Sheren Tang

| Tuesday, March 2, 2010 | |

Reports pointed out that Script-writer Cheung Wah Biu, who was in-charge of Rosy Business, was about to leave TVB, leaving No Regrets' fate in a limbo. Yesterday, Wayne Lai accepted an interview and assured everybody that No Regrets will begin filming as soon as possible.

Wayne said, "I've seen the scripts for the first 15 episodes. This time round, I will have scenes with Sheren Tang right from the start. The storyline is not only gripping, but will also make one watch one episode after another. (When will it be aired?) It will probably be an Anniversary series. I am now discussing the details with Producer Lee to let Sheren and I sing the sub-theme song. The theme song will be sung by a professional singer though. This drama is set in to 1930s, so I cannot be too fat. However, I tend to get fat after I rest a while, so I have to lose about 10 pounds!

Also, he mentioned that during Chinese New Year, he went to Canada. "The oysters there are really cheap! No wonder so many people are migrating to Canada! (Will you send your son there to study?) Somebody I know is also migrating. He said that I need about $80 000 to move my whole family to Canada. However, I wish to remain in Hong Kong to film dramas, and my son is only 12 years old, so it's not the time to discuss about it now.

- Credits to 21CN娱乐

Comments: I hope that it's really true that Sheren and Wayne will sing the sub-theme song! They sang really very well during last year's Anniversary celebrations! I can't wait to hear their voices blend together again! =D



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