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#763 忽然一周 - Wayne and Sheren don't interact

| Saturday, March 20, 2010 | |
After waiting for one year, No Regrets finally held its costume fitting on Wednesday, 10/03/2010. The background of this drama will be set during the pre-modern times. Wayne Lai told our reporter, "This time, Sheren and I will already have scenes right from the start. The storyline is exciting, and will make the audience feel like watching every episode. It's even better than the first!"

Maybe to avoid more gossip, Wayne and Sheren appeared very distant and did not interact with each other much. They definitely do not look like the best on-screen partners that the media has been making them out to be. But not to worry, the two of them are good actors!

Throughout the costume fitting, Sheren did not dare to look at Wayne directly in the eye, making Wayne lose patience with her.

During the group photo, Wayne suddenly stood in front, prompting Producer Lee to ask him to stand behind.

- Credits to Sally

Comments: Haha! Although I know that this is a gossip magazine, I think the way the writer wrote it was hilarious! Wayne being angry with Sheren... Hmm... xDDD


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  1. hahaha this post is funny! Why wayne is angry with sheren? And Tim Gor ask wayne to stand with sheren at the back..even after wayne stood in front..hahaha so cute the 3 of them..


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